Air Conditioning Repairs Wollongong

We service and repair all good air conditioner brands. If your air conditioner is under warranty we are the preferred provider.


We offer routine maintenance and cleaning of all air conditioner models. Looking after you air conditioner is key to avoiding issues and breakages in your system. You can discuss with us what the right maintenance schedule would be for your machine.


We install a range of systems to suit every space and efficiently cool or heat no matter the temprature. You can contact us today to discuss your air conditioning needs and we will guide you through the entre installation process at your home or office.

  • Air conditioner services are also available in Wollongong
  • We do warranty services and repairs in the region
  • We service all major brands of air conditioners
  • We are the preferred Panasonic technician
  • From Helensburgh to Gerringong.
  • No Job too big or too small for us
An air conditioner repairman fixing an air conditioner in Wollongong