If you’re reading this between December and February, summer is here and it’s time to save on your air conditioning bills. If you’re reading this blog article between March and November, it’s still important to learn how you can save money on air conditioning in Wollongong. Take a look below to see what steps you can take to keep some of those dollars in your pocket.


A simple an easy trick to lower your energy bills. By lowering your blinds first thing in the morning, you’re able to keep the temperature of the home lower than if the heat was radiating in through the windows all day.

*Bonus tip: Keep all the doors closed of rooms you’re not using in order to localise the cold air.


Appliances—especially the oven and cooktop—emit heat and can rise the overall temperature of your home. By minimising the use of your appliances (if possible), or using them in the morning and night when it’s cool, you’ll feel less inclined to turn on the A/C.


Air conditioners require regular servicing in order to operate at optimal performance. By having your air conditioner serviced by one of our experts at Seabreeze Air Conditioning, your unit will operate more efficiently, meaning it’s using less power to function. For efficient air conditioning in the Wollongong area, Seabreeze is your affordable solution.


If it’s a particularly hot day and you’re trying to resist turning on the air conditioner at home, taking a trip to the shops or going for a swim at a friend’s house is a great way to reduce the cost of your A/C bills.


As a rule of thumb, the cooler the temperature of your air conditioner, the higher the overall bill is. By keeping your unit operating at 24 degrees when in use, you can keep down energy costs.


There an ongoing debate about which air conditioning system is best. And the short answer is, it depends. Both ducted and split system air conditioners have their strengths and weaknesses, but it really comes down to the size of your property.

For example: if you live in a 5-bedroom family home—a ducted system is best. However, if you live in a 2-bedroom apartment, a split system will do the job just fine. At Seabreeze Air Conditioning, we supply and install both ducted and split air conditioning throughout the Wollongong area.

Being cool this summer doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Contact Seabreeze Air Conditioning today to have your A/C unit serviced or fill out our enquiry form with any questions.

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